Our Care Services

Domiciliary Care

People often choose domiciliary care services because they wish to remain in the comfort of their own home rather than moving to a care home. Service users are able to live within an environment where they are happy and close by to their friends or loved ones.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our domiciliary care services we provide in the Merseyside area. We believe everyone should have the right to live within the comfort of his or her own home for as long as possible.

Domiciliary care makes this wish possible through private or Government funding. We provide domiciliary care services to adults and the elderly.  We are regulated by Care Quality Commission and we carry out frequent staff training, spot-check and staff supervision and internal quality checks including client satisfaction questionnaires.

Residentail Care

At Future Living Care, we offer residential care throughout Merseyside, we aim to encourage our residents to remain as independent as possible with discreet support from our support team.

Like all of our care, it is personalised and individual where our team fits into the routines of the residents.

Supported Living

We know how important it is for you to be able to choose where to live, who to live with and what you do every day. You may want to live on your own or share a place with others. You may need support 24 hours a day or for part of the day, for personal care or making meals. 

Whether it’s shopping for food, decorating your home, taking part in activities in your community, or enjoying creative or physical activity, we’ll support you to express your preferences and make them happen. 

Understanding You

We will take time to understand your way of communicating, be it through speech, sign, symbols, and objects of reference, gestures or body language. Our support will help you to express what matters to you – your likes and dislikes; your needs, goals and aspirations. Then we will make sure these are clearly understood by everyone.

We take a person-centred approach. We will make sure that you are at the heart of planning and developing your service, giving you more choice, control and independence.

Regardless of the severity of need or impairment, you have the capability to grow, learn and develop, and ensuring you have access to your local community and to mainstream resources can enhance this.

We tailor each support package to your needs and through comprehensive planning, we will address all major aspects of your life; including social, educational, vocational, financial and recreational activities.

Support Packages

Future Living Care support service offers placements in our residential settings for individuals with learning disabilities including complex needs, mental health illness, and acquired brain injury we offer 24 hour support in domestic living skills, personal care, independent development, community integration.

We want to produce residencies of the highest possible standard that any person would be happy for their loved ones to occupy. Our ethos and work values would be ingrained in all new staff upon induction and equality and diversity values would be endorsed throughout the ranks of the company from the beginning.

We will offer placements with a view to rehabilitating service users to the stage of moving into supported living accommodation with lower staffing levels also greater emphasis on independence. All placements will be on a medium to long term basis in order to ensure that the individual and the staff team have the best chance to work together and attain as much progress as possible.

Our Mission

By putting quality first for both the individuals we support and our care team, we aim to be the service provider and employer of choice in the community we serve.

We strive to continually improve and develop provide to our residents.

  • To give the people we support the best quality of life possible.
  • To provide access to any amenities and services that will benefit the individual.
  • To work closely alongside families and keep their feelings and opinions at the forefront of our work.

To have an open and honest environment that, while maintaining confidentiality and security, welcomes visitors and promotes transparency.

Policies & Proceedures

The company and all its members are subject to a thorough and extensive code of practice collated by Human Resources with input from experienced industry managers.

The manual covers all features of operational tasks including finance, health and safety, medication, whistleblowing, recruitment, disciplinary procedures, employee leave entitlement including but not limited to sickness, holidays and maternity, abuse and discrimination, visitors and security, confidentiality, record-keeping and emergency contingency planning.

Risk Assessments

All activities that take place within the company are thoroughly risk assessed to ensure they are completed in the safest way possible and in line with relevant legislation. 

Tasks assessed include health and safety procedures, general household upkeep, security, hygiene, trip hazards and person-centred pastimes and care needs.

Policies and procedures are created in line with all relevant legislation to ensure working practices adhere to these and that all tasks are completed to a high quality across the board.

Management ensures that these policies and procedures are applied in a person-centred way that suits the needs and preferences of each service user.

Other vital documents that dictate the working practice of employees are the service users’ individual plan of support which acts as a guide for staff on how to provide care to each particular person.

Risk assessments specific to individual service users are created in line with their individual support guidelines to ensure every person is involved with the management and reduction of potential risks in their lifestyle.

Quality Assurance & Auditing

All of Future Living Care services are subject to regular inspections by its internal Directors and outside organisations, such as The Care Quality Commission (CQC), local Infection Control representatives, individuals’ funding authorities (Contracts), and specific Health and Safety governing bodies.

Audits are completed to ensure services are running in line with National Minimum Standards, the Essential Standards of Quality and safety and that all of CQC’s points of compliance have been achieved. 

Each property is assessed on all the different aspects of care provided with strong emphasis on Safeguarding, Choice, Finances, Medication, Cleanliness and Safety of the environment, and support offered to staff members. If high standards are maintained in all areas, then the company is providing the high quality of cares expected throughout the industry. 

Future Living Care ethos is not to simply meet these standards but surpass them. Every staff member is encouraged to obtain excellent knowledge of auditing bodies and processes and continually promote the high standards that the company endeavours to offer.

Respite Service

All families and carers need a break, whether it’s for an afternoon, a weekend or a couple of weeks. We give you the comfort that your loved one is being well cared for, whilst you catch up with other things or enjoy a well-earned rest.

We offer supported respite services for Children & adults who may require a more complex support package. The respite can be offered in their own home or in our various supported living accommodations throughout Merseyside.

How We Can Help

We can look after your loved one’s Personal care such as help them to:

  • Get Up and Go To Bed
  • Get Dressed
  • Take a Bath or Shower
  • Shave
  • Take Their Medication

We can also help with many other tasks. We’ll accompany your relative to medical appointments or social outings, be their companion, and assist with shopping, cooking, cleaning and light household duties.